About Amasya

City Profile

Area:5.520 km²

Population:328.674 (2007)

Traffic Code:05

Districts:Amasya (center), Göynücek, Gümüşhacıköy, Hamamözü, Merzifon, Suluova, Taşova.

Located in the region of Middle Black Sea, Amasya is founded on the slopes of Mt. Harşena in Yeşilırmak Valley. With its over 7000 year historical background it became a capital of a kingdom, trained scientists, artists, poets, and became a training city for sultan's sons. First steps of the Independence War of Turkey also took place in Amasya. Along with these historical and cultural riches , Amasya especially takes attention with Yalıboyu houses constructed along the shore of Yeşilırmak . If you want to see a fascinating antic city where history and nature mingles and where you can see the best marble apples, cherries, peaches and okras of the world, Amasya is waiting for you with its cosy and hospitable people.

How to Get?

Amasya is connected to its neighbour provinces Samsun, Çorum and Tokat with a governmental roadway. At the same time it is on the Europe - Iran international (E-5) High way.

Airway: Nearest airport is in Merzifon district which is almost 50 km far away from the city centre of Amasya. There are regular bus services from both the city centre and the airport before and after every flight.

Road way: It is 1,5 kilometres away from city centre, arrival obtained by small buses for city arrival and by coach firms private services.

Railway: Amasya is placed on the Sivas - Samsun railway, city is 261 kilometre and little more away from Sivas and 134 kilometre away from Samsun. There are two coach stations (Amasya - Hacıbayram) and six train stations istasyon (Kızılca, Kayabaşı, Eryatağı, Bovazköy, Suluova, Hacıbayram) present in the borders of province.

Merzifon Airport Phone: (+90-358) 535 10 16 (http://www.amasyamerzifonairport.com)

Coach Station Phone : (+90-358) 218 80 12

Train Station Phone : (+90-358) 218 12 39


Where to Visit

a)     Amasya Hauses


Hazeranlar Mansion is the most beautiful mansion at Yalı Boyu (across the waterside residence) houses series. Mansion is one of the most elegant civil architecture samples of Ottoman period. Mansion built by Defterdar Hasan Talat Efendi for the name of his sister Hazeran Hanım in 1872.

The other gate is connected to Hatuniye mosque courtyard. Double shuttered males greeting hall gate opens to an area with low ceiling. There are four rooms at each corners and liwan of centre hall take place between the rooms. There are unadorned stairs with banister connects the east liwans to the entrance floor. Living rooms and bedrooms, court, coffee room, room with oven, parents and males greeting hall rooms and also toilet placed at the storey around the center hall 49

b)     Castles, Rock Tombs

Amasya Castle it is placed on precious rocks named Harşane mountain at the west of Yeşilırmak river and city centre. There are 4 main gates in castle, which are named Belkıs, Saray (palace), Maydonos and Meydan (Public Square), there is a water well named Cilanbolu in castle too, moreover water hole and dungeon present in castle. A laddered under ground way from the castle that reach to 70 meter below river towards the kings tombs dated to IIIth BC. There are tower and mosque ruins present too

King Rock TombsThere are 5 unit tombs placed at slope of Amasya Castle that all are engraved on the lime stone rocks which rocks extended like a straight wall. With the construction and location properties they take attention at the first sight. Their surroundings engraved till they completely separated from the main rock, than they reunite to the main rock with stairs. There are some ones large and some ones small totally 18 rock tomb units present. The famous geographer Strabon (BC 63 - AC. 5) whom born at Amasya, delivers an information that Rock tombs was belonged to Pontus Kings.



Aynalı Cave (Rock Tomb)is approximately three kilometres away from the city centre, and on the way of Ziyaret district which way separated to the right from surrounding high way towards Samsun. It is the best - decorated and completed tomb among other King Rock Tombs. At the vault section there are 6 pictures on each right and left walls, which figure out 12 disciple. And there are some figures that include men and women on the west and east walls, although there is a composition figure contains the Jesus, the Virgin Mary and Disciple on east wall.

Ferhat Water CanalThe canal was built in the Hellenistic Period to fulfil city's water necessity, it has approximately 75 width and 18 kilometers long. It was built with processes of digging canals based on the balance system, carving some tunnels and bounding brick walls at some places.