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Goals of the Program and Justification for the Establishment

Today the scientific, technological, cultural, and economic developments in every field influence all sectors and this situation naturally concerns vocational education closely. Especially nowadays when we talk about European Union and Globalization, it is very significant for vocational education programs to be qualified to meet the education needs of the sectors. For this purpose, educational programs in many new vocational fields and branches are prepared. One of these fields is Graphics Design. All planned or unplanned activities that are maintained for the adaptation of human beings originate from education phenomena.  Education created as a result of the interaction process of human beings with environment is based on communication. The continues development of communication technologies and the increase in mass communication tools as number and type make countries and cultures closer. Especially, the importance of introduction and advertisement has increased one more. Today education keeps its effectiveness in every field via the tools with diverse qualifications as either formal or informal. Graphics art as a tool that provides communication among people has a crucial place in this field. Communication is the reason for the existence of graphics design. Graphics design is a visual communication art and an important design field that is needed to take part within Vocational School of Design at Amasya University.

The programs of Vocational School of Design aim to train intermediate staff for the practice of the vocations appropriate with the technological and economic developments in the world.

Graphics design program aims to train graphical Designer candidates who have knowledge and skills associated with graphics design; can analyze and synthesize their own environment and age in information era; are qualified to communicate with the current structure of the world; are educated from technical and esthetical aspects; and produce original ideas and graphical designs. In addition, graphics design program enables students to be a good graphic designer who are independent; prioritize their own talent; have contemporary characteristics; are skillful; can develop communication strategies; are participant and can make a move for enterprise; can solve any kind of design problem; are researcher, cultured, and talented; and are good designers who can make difference. It enables students to work as a team; use 2 dimensional design programs (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe İllustrator, İndesign,..); design graphics design products; and learn creative thinking and problem solving.