Computer Aided Design and Animation

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Goals of the Program and Justification for the Establishment


It is aimed to train intermediate staff to solve our country's problems in addition to protect the historical identity of Amasya by employing expert and permanent staff supporting faculty of architecture via the Vocational School supported by the academic staff of the faculty of Architecture and established with the justification of collecting design vocations under one roof and building the infrastructure of the faculty of Architecture. The programs of Vocational School of Design aim to train intermediate staff to practice the vocations appropriate with the technological and economic developments in the world.

Computer Aided Design and Animation program education at Computer Technologies Department are needed and even mandatory at project design phase in all architecture-based vocations. The purpose of this program is to train vocational staffs who internalize the concepts and principles related with the field; can benefit from today's design technologies; can create three dimensional design visuals; and are qualified to obtain liking factor before application.

These staffs are the ones who can work in architectural design offices (Architecture, Interior Architecture, Landscape architecture, and Urban Design Offices) as appropriate with architectural team; can use 2 and 3 dimensional design programs (AutoCAD, 3DsMax, Auotdesk MAYA, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, and so on); can easily read and analyze architectural projects; master architectural tools and configurations; and have the skills of processing photograph and image.

With the establishment of the program, it is aimed to train individuals who have the knowledge and skills about model design and drawing via computers on probation of engineers in the research and developments units of factories and enterprises; can interpret and evaluate data by using basic knowledge and skills in their field; can diagnose design problems; and produce suggestions for solutions. In addition, those are the most significant goals of the program: To train vocational staffs who can identify computer technologies needed for the practices in their field and use them effectively; can produce solutions for unexpected problems in practices; can take responsibility in work teams or have the skill of working individually; can establish effective communication; are tolerant and patient; and have sufficient foreign language knowledge to follow the innovations in their field. To train qualified individuals who have global and cultural values; have competency and awareness of vocational ethics; follow industry-specific developments in science and technology with the awareness of life-long learning in individual and vocational field; and renew themselves continuously.