Mission and Vision

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Our Mission

Our mission is to train skillful graduates of the departments; Graphics Design, Computer Aided Design and Animation, Architectural Restoration, Geographical Information Systems, Industrial Product Design, Interior Design, Landscape Design and Ornamental Plants, who have knowledge and skills that are required by our country and the world; are respectful for the society and ethical values; have creative, innovative, entrepreneur, and leader characteristics; and is to contribute to the protection of the history of the country, its development, creation of the design awareness in the society with scientific research and practices.


Our Vision

The vision of the Vocational School of Design: It is aimed by our higher education departments to make Amasya the center of the historical cities in Turkey because of its mission originated from the history as well as its characteristics of being a historical city and being the city of Şehzades (Sons of Sultans).  In addition, our vision is to embrace the identity that is to be the leader in its field with its academic staff; to get its graduates adopt practical skills with its quality in education; to internalize visual art culture and transfer this to the humanity via its communication skill; and to become popular at national and international level as a reference for science and education world.