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The program will begin accepting students for the academic year 2013-2014.
Transition can be employed in accordance with Law 4702 liselerindensınavsız.
Those who graduate from public high schools to submit an application for the type of YGS-1 score.

What is the duration of the program?
• Education and Training 2 years (4 semesters) continues.

• Distance education and training provided for remuneration for the year tuition fee equivalent to Secondary Education will be determined by the Council of Ministers. (2012-2013 academic year second semester tuition Vocational £ 385)

Amasya University, Vocational School of Technical Sciences


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The main purpose of the program, are needed in the field of nature "Mechatronics Technician" train. Current production technologies effectively raising the elements is to use the character of our country, enriching the potential of human resources in this field, aims to support regional and national development.

Mechatronics, improved product quality and designed to achieve high performance, computing, instrumentation, propulsion, sensing and control parameters are interested in at the same time contain an integrated study of the design of systems and products. The main principle of mechatronics integration of these disciplines through a variety of design or design.

Teaching the program for two years. In the first year of teaching students the basic electrical, electronics, mechanical and computer skills are gained. In the second year of mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment installation-maintenance-repair, location, measurement and control of variables such as speed and acceleration, the use of CNC systems, PLC systems, the use of automation, industrial control, the various microcontroller applications, industrial robots, pneumatic and hydraulic power application of knowledge and skills in the areas of systems are earned. This is supported by the work of the project and training activities.


Vocational School of Technical Sciences in 1994-1995 from the educational activities within the program, starting with a 3 30 bilgisayarlık projector and smart board computer labs, 1 foreign language lab, there are 30 classrooms. Moreover Communication Technology Laboratory, Electronics Technology Laboratory, PLC and SCADA Laboratory, Mechanical and Engine Laboratory, Electrical Machines Laboratory, Control and Automation Technology Laboratory, Laboratory of Electrical Measurement and Power Systems and Printed Circuit Labora-tuvarından used. Available in all classrooms and computer projection. Machine tools, automatic control, PLC, SCADA, pneumatic systems, hydraulic systems, measurement data, electrical machines and drives, a sufficient number of basic electrical and electronic equipment is available for applications.


Students who graduate from vocational courses they have taken for each expert on both the public and the private sector, technical services, maintenance and repair units, electric-electronic and mechanical assembly and disassembly works, microcontroller programming, electronics, machinery and equipment manufacturing factories, electronics design offices, command and control systems, PLC programming, such as hydraulic and pneumatic systems and robotics to work in the fields, may set up their own businesses.

GRADUATES vertical transfer AREAS

Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics Education

Teacher Training in Computer Science and Control

Electrical engineering

Electrical Teaching

Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Electronic Engineering

Electronic Education

Electronics and Computer Education

Electronics and Communications Engineering

Teacher Training in Electronics and Communication

Industrial Technology Education

Manufacturing Engineering

Teacher Training in Electronics and Communication

Control Teaching

Mechanical Engineering

Design and Construction Teaching

Aerospace Engineering

Amasya University Distance Education Application and Research Center

Mechatronics (Distance Education) Associate's Degree Program, the course content in formal education, text, animation and audio as well as enhanced with the support of educational materials, are made available to students registered in the program through the Learning Management System.

Learning Management System, a system that is open to students 24 hours a day 7 days. Students, Learning Management System, through the course content, course materials and other related can be traced easily. Also one to one interaction with the students to cross the faculty advisor and the course assignments, discussion, conversation, such as exam can make transactions easily through the system. Course contents out of 14 weeks has been prepared and is available for all the courses the student during the semester.

Tuition Fees

Prescribed fee for distance education and training, tuition fee for the year equal to Secondary Education will be determined by the Council of Ministers (2012-2013 academic year second semester tuition Vocational £ 385).