General Information


The program will begin accepting students for the academic year 2013-2014.
Transition can be employed in accordance with Law 4702 liselerindensınavsız.
Those who graduate from public high schools to submit an application for the type of YGS-1 score.

What is the duration of the program?
• Education and Training 2 years (4 semesters) continues.

• Distance education and training provided for remuneration for the year tuition fee equivalent to Secondary Education will be determined by the Council of Ministers. (2012-2013 academic year second semester tuition Vocational £ 385)

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Objectives of the program

Internet and Network Technology Associate Degree Program "Information Worker" is described as, a computer program for the training of high level manpower familiar midrange. In this program, networking technologies, current operating systems, local and wide area networks, computer networks, infrastructure and services are used in these networks, virtualization, routing and switching, web services, messaging and e-mail infrastructure, describes the practical courses such as computer networks, security . Devices used in these technologies to practice addition, students are provided.

Students who graduate from this program, "System and Network Management - Internet Programming Technician" the title of. Thanks to their high quality and up to date training graduate students, System Specialist, Network Specialist, Information Technology Specialist, Systems Support Specialist, System and Network Consultant, System Administrator, Network Administrator, Internet Programmer, Web Designer, equipped to meet the needs of skilled manpower for the elements may try the.

Admissions Requirements

Internet and Network Technologies (Distance Education) Associate's Degree Program in the following vocational high school graduates from relevant departments of the regular high school graduates to pass without examination or is placed with the Student Selection and Placement System (University Entrance Exam) of the relevant kind of took the YGS Score, students are placed by SSPC are considered.

Related Sections of vocational schools;

Department of Information Technology

Computer Science

Department of Computer Hardware

Department of Computer Operation

Department of Computer Operation Technician

Department of Computer Software

Department of Computer Programming

Information Technology

Search for Distance Education examinations carried out over the internet. As well as formal education is facing the end of the year exams. Principles of monitoring and evaluation of the course, students' assignments, discussions, course content, views, chat, hours of student participation within the scope of the evaluation process can be monitored by the instructors course advisor. Vocational School of Technical Sciences at the end of the period also will be hands-on lessons.

Amasya University Distance Education Application and Research Center

Internet and Network Technologies (Distance Education) Associate's Degree Program, the course content in formal education, text, animation and audio as well as enhanced with the support of educational materials, are made available to students registered in the program through the Learning Management System.

Learning Management System, a system that is open to students 24 hours a day 7 days. Students, Learning Management System, through the course content, course materials and other related can be traced easily. Also one to one interaction with the students to cross the faculty advisor and the course assignments, discussion, conversation, such as exam can make transactions easily through the system. Course contents out of 14 weeks has been prepared and is available for all the courses the student during the semester.

Tuition Fees

Prescribed fee for distance education and training, tuition fee for the year equal to Secondary Education will be determined by the Council of Ministers (2012-2013 academic year second semester tuition Vocational £ 385).

Graduates of the program can continue to Undergraduate Programs

Internet and Network Technologies (Distance Education) Associate's Degree Program graduates DGS (Vertical Jump Test) and can continue their education by graduating the following sections.

Computer Engineering

Computer Technology and Information Systems

Computer and Information Systems

Computer and Informatics

Information Systems Engineering

Information Systems and Technology

Information Technology

Computer and Mathematical Science

Mathematics and Computer Science

Software Engineering