Technical Sciences Vocational School


       Amasya Technical Sciences Vocational School started its education and teaching process in Vocational Trade High School building binding to Ministry of Education in 1975-1976 in order to bring up people who are qualified in specific vocations. It was tied up to Ondokuz Mayıs University in 1982 with the 2547 numbered law and became one of the higher education institutions. Our Vocational School had been continued its function with Educational Facultiy in the same building until the beginning of 1992-1993 academic year and then moved to its own building. Our school, tied up to Amasya University with the 5467 numbered law on 17 March 2006, is continuing its educational and teaching processes as Amasya Technical Sciences Vocational School transported as two separate vocational high schools with the decision of the Higher Education Institution's taken on 12.07.2012.

Information (General Information)

In this Vocational School which is the core of the Amasya University, intermediate members who are qualified in technical programs are brought up. Our graduates are preferred primarily by pioneer sectors in our region and country. The programs included in our Vocational School:Our Vocational School is about 1 km far from the Amasya University campus and located in the city center.Under the consideration of 2012-2013 academic year, in the Vocational School there are about 2000 student who receive education.

Our Mission

Under the consideration of constituting a participating, sharing, inquisitive, independent and contemporary educational and teaching culture, with the business world to bring up morally and vocationally high qualified individuals who are respectful to values, knowledgeable in universal level and skilled in the application.

 Our Vision

The aim is to be a Vocational School which has a prestigious place in national and international level with the ability to give its graduates the application skills as aimed in higher quality standards of  vocational education and teaching, and in cooperation with the business world who are able to find solutions for meeting qualified labor need, democratic, transparent, open to communication and alteration.