Sciences & Arts Faculty

The main purpose of the Sciences & Arts Faculty is to train students who can use their knowledge to engage in collaborative research in order to solve problems and produce solutions.

Our faculty has recently started educating students, and we are trying to maintain the excitement of this new venture. The heart of our faculty is our academic and administrative staff and students.

Our students and academic staff are able to participate in exchange programs such as Farabi and Erasmus. If you have any ideas or criticisms for our faculty, please contact the academic or administrative staff. Your ideas, critiques and proposals are important to us. We will try to respond quickly.

  • Our Mission

We endeavor to become a leading faculty which raises the level of our students to  contemporary scientific standards and makes them proud to be a member of our faculty.

  • Our Vision

Under the light of universal values, our students use knowledge and technology to present research and services to all levels of society.